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History of Bathing Suits of Women
Do you know how womens swimsuits came to life in this world? Actually women have been only wearing swimsuits for more than a hundred years only and there are many stories in its progression. You can read on to know how it came to be.
For many years women have not been wearing swimsuits because people back then did not go swimming as a fort of recreation. The first womens swimwear only came about in the 1800s but this is still a far cry from the swimsuits that you would find today. This is because in this swimwear the woman was covered from head to toe. Thus women had a uncomfortable time wearing this swimsuit.
Now what changed this is when Annette Kellermann, an Australian swimmer and actress went to the beach in 1907 donning a swimsuit that showed her neck, arms and legs. Her move was seen as indecent exposure and she was thus arrested because of it. Even if she was arrested there was an impact on women of her swimsuit. She made efforst to market her suit and her marketing efforts succeeded because by 1910 it has become commonplace in Europe for women to wear this swimsuit. When women first competed in the 1912 Olympics in the swimming category they donned Annes swimsuit during the games.
Sometime in the 1920s Coco Chanel showed up with a tan that she obtained when she went on the Mediterranean cruise and people wanted to follow suit. This led to people making alterations to the one piece swimsuit that Anne started out with. Backs of swimsuits had plunging lines in them. There were also people who made swimsuits into two-piece ones which allowed women to expose their midriff.
The infamous bikini was created by Louis Reard, a French designer, at the end of the World War II. This swimsuit barely covered the body of a woman but it caught on among women. In 1964 the magazine Sports Illustrated has the first cover of a model in a bikini. After that the bikini as swimwear became more popular. More women around the world begin wearing the bikini as their form of swimwear.
In the 70s the material for swimsuits was either spandex or lycra. This is because they are lightweight, quick drying and conform to the body. But the designers then experimented with the designs of the swimsuits. In the 1970s and 1980s the swimsuits then had bright colors and there were even ones that sported neon patterns in them. In the 90s the trend was adding adornments to bikinis.
Today there are so many choices that one has for a swimsuit. It is considered to be a necessary wardrobe staple during summer. Now it is up to you on which type of swimsuit you would be most comfortable in.