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Variations Of Sexual Harassment

There are two different types of methods of ways that are legally recognized in committing sexual harassment. The quid pro quo sexual harassment, and the hostile environment harassment are the two legally recognized ways of committing sexual harassment.

More information about the quid pro quo sexual harassment.
If an employee will be provided the benefit of keeping his or her job in exchange for any sexual favors, then that is called a quid pro quo sexual harassment. There is also a quid pro quo sexual harassment happening in cases where a student will be given favorable recommendations or good grades in exchange for any sexual favor. The managers, supervisors, teachers, professors are some of the people that usually commit quid pro quo sexual harassment since they have the power to manipulate the educational situation or employment status of the victim. An example of this type of sexual harassment is when a teacher will be asking his or her student out on a date and would ask for a rub on the back or neck in exchange for good grade.

It is actually not important if the victim will be agreeing or giving on the offer when it comes to this type of sexual harassment. It is already enough that the harasser will make or float the offer and the victim will be able to file a claim even if he or she will be changing his or her mind later on.

Things to know about a hostile environment sexual harassment.
While on the other hand, a hostile work environment sexual harassment will happen in a workplace which will involve either the workmates or the manager/supervisor of a company or business. There will be a hostile work environment sexual harassment once those people will be making unwelcome sexual advances that will be changing the performance of work or will be creating an intimidating offensive or hostile working place, or learning environment in situations where students are involved. The sexual harassment done in the hostile work environment sexual harassment can be physical or visual, and non-verbal or verbal. Every time there will be a sexual comment on the clothes, looks, and anatomy of a person coming from another person, then that is verbal harassment. Non-verbal sexual harassment will occur every time a person will be leering, glaring, or staring at another person. A visual sexual harassment happens in a workplace where there are calendars, cartoons, photographs, and posters that are sexually suggestive being displayed. Every time a victim will find it offensive when another person will be giving him or her a massage, then that is considered as a physical sexual harassment.

You should see to it that you understand everything about this. You should know that you must get the service of a lawyer in these situations.

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